Leonard Kleinrock Annual Award

For the Best Paper Published in the Management and Business Review (MBR)

This award is named for Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock. By contributing to the development of technologies that now underpin most networked data transmissions, including the Internet, Kleinrock is a co-creator of one of the greatest inventions in human history.

In 1988, Kleinrock chaired the National Research Council’s Network Review Committee, whose report informed the 1991 High Performance Computing Act which dramatically improved computer network infrastructure across the U.S. and paved the way for the Internet’s current ubiquity. For more details on Dr. Kleinrock’s extraordinary career and accomplishments, see the laudation on the next page.

Through his elite research and determination to translate that research into practical innovations which have enormously benefitted the world, Kleinrock exemplifies the aspirations of MBR. We hope the papers honored with this award will fulfill these aspirations by bringing management research and practice together to serve the needs of humanity.