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Contents at a Glance

11 Courageous Leadership: Paul Polman’s Insights for the Next Generation of Business Managers

John Pontillo, Celia Bravard, and Andrew J. Hoffman

In 2021, the authors conducted a series of interviews with Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever. They discussed how business managers and leaders can build a new model of capitalism that serves the needs of society.

21 The Adaptive Hybrid: Innovation with Virtual Work

Michael J. Arena, Glenn R. Carroll, Charles O’Reilly, John Golden, and Scott Hines

The authors discuss how remote work can undermine organizational innovation. They propose an approach which overcomes these limitations.

32 Rethinking Employee Experience in the New World of Hybrid Work

Robin Erickson and Amy Lui Abel

In a hybrid working world, companies will have to rethink their employees’ entire experience. The authors discuss new approaches to company culture, employee well-being, and support for leadership.

38 Performance Reviews are Dead, Long Live Performance Management!

Herman Aguinis and Jing Burgi-Tian

Deloitte, Microsoft, and many other companies have abandoned performance reviews and ratings. But is this really a good idea? The authors explain how effective performance management is the antidote to failed performance review systems and will help organizations to motivate and engage employees and use effective talent management to achieve strategic goals.

47 Continuous Improvement Revisited: Organizational Design as the Last Step in Gaining the Full Competitive Advantage of Kaizen

Shumpei Iwao

By adopting a top-down approach to organizational design, firms will gain a greater competitive advantage than ever before. The author argues that, contrary to common practice, the top-down approach to continuous improvement is much more powerful than the bottom-up approach.

55 Project Production Management: The Key to Delivering Large Capital Construction Projects on Time and Under Budget

Mark L. Spearman, H. James Choo, and Todd R. Zabelle

Many people view managing projects and managing production systems as completely distinct. The authors describe how large capital construction projects include production operations and how to apply operations science to make these activities more effective. The result is that these important and challenging projects yield far better schedule and budget performance.

67 A Brief History of the Internet and the World Wide Web

Subodha Kumar and Georgia Perakis

How did a scientific movement invent the Internet and how did that invention grow into a tool that it is difficult to envision living without, particularly during the pandemic? The authors describe how it all began with Leonard Kleinrock’s invention of packet switching technology and the creation of ARPANET in 1969. They then trace how Berners-Lee conceptualized the World Wide Web as an easy-to-use global system for sharing information.

73 The Internet at 50: Pioneers, Engineers, and Influencers on Its Past and Future

Charles J. Corbett, Uday S. Karmarkar, and Christopher S. Tang

When the original founders of the Internet look back over the first 50 years of its existence, what do they think? What are their hopes and fears? How do their perspectives compare with those of investors, academics, entrepreneurs, and influencers? The authors offer their own reflections along with a lively summary of a one day event held at UCLA to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Internet.

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