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Putting Supply Chain Resilience Theory into Practice

Morris A. Cohen, Shiliang Cui, Sebastian Doetsch, Ricardo Ernst, Arnd Huchzermeier, Panos Kouvelis, Hau Lee, Hirofumi Matsuo, and Andy A. Tsay

The authors find that, while managers generally understand the basics of supply chain resilience, putting them to work remains challenging. Drawing on interviews with executives, they describe these challenges and share their recommendations for how to overcome them.

Countercyclical Marketing During Recessions

Nirmalya Kumar

The author argues that, during recessions, firms should fight against their instinct to reduce marketing budgets. A large body of academic research demonstrates that firms investing in countercyclical marketing perform better both during and immediately after an economic downturn.

Why Brands Grow: The Power of Differentiation and Penetration

Koen Pauwels and Oliver Koll

The authors examine the complex relationship between consumers’ attitudes toward a brand and its market outcomes. An analysis of more than 150 brands in five countries reveals the intricate reciprocal connections between customer perceptions and behaviors, brand differentiation, and market penetration in both stable and emerging markets.

How Brands Can Leverage Their Social Media Marketing

Anatoli Colicev, Ashwin Malshe, and Koen Pauwels

The authors find that both earned and owned social media increase consumers’ awareness, purchase intent, and satisfaction. However, firms can only use owned social media to increase purchase intent if they have their house in order.

Responding to the Risk of Imposed Changes on the Project Budget and Deadline

Robert F. Bordley and Jeffrey M. Keisler

How can you plan and execute a project knowing that your resources and deadlines might change at any time? The authors describe how project managers can manage uncertainties in budgets and deadlines in the same way as uncertainties about project duration and cost.

Unlocking Innovative Selling

Qing Li and Christopher Tang

Online sellers have used several innovative strategies to find out how much customers are willing to pay and to encourage them to pay different prices accordingly. Yet name your own price, pay what you want, and opaque selling did not work as planned. The authors suggest ways that sellers can unlock the value of these strategies.

The Road to Failure Is Paved with Good Discounts: How Premature Discounts Hurt Entrepreneurs on Kickstarter

Christian Schulze and Daniel Blaseg

The authors show why entrepreneurs seeking customer attention should stay away from price discounts.

You Move Me: Understanding and Optimizing Job Rotation

Jeff S. Johnson

Job rotations can benefit both employees and organizations, however they also have a dark side. Managers must therefore understand and optimize job rotations if they are to yield superior performance. Jeff S. Johnson identifies the six stages of the job rotation process and suggests selection methods and policies which will improve its efficacy.

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