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The first issue of MBR was published earlier this year at the peak of the COVID crisis. This second issue is being released as we enter what we devoutly hope is the beginning of the end of the crisis (and not, as Churchill famously quipped, the “end of the beginning”). Launching a new publication during a global pandemic would certainly not have been our first choice. But Churchill is also credited with saying “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and we strive to follow that advice

Executive Summaries

Putting Purpose into Practice: How Companies Can Deliver Paul Washington | The Conference Board Thomas Singer | The Conference Board Investors and business leaders are calling on...

Leonard Kleinrock Annual Award

For the Best Paper Published in the Management and Business Review (MBR) This award is named for Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock. By contributing to the...

Production and Operations Management Society Kalyan Singhal Annual Award for Innovations in Organizations

The Singhal award’s purpose is to promote and recognize innovations in manufacturing and service organizations. By bringing these innovations to light so that other...

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