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Spring 2021 Issue

Praise for MBR

The Management and Business Review is a valuable addition to the world of business scholarship and analysis. I applaud leading business schools for launching...

Production and Operations Management Society Kalyan Singhal Annual Award for Innovations in Organizations

The Singhal award’s purpose is to promote and recognize innovations in manufacturing and service organizations. By bringing these innovations to light so that other...

Putting Purpose into Practice: How Companies Can Deliver

The Conference Board’s Paul Washington and Thomas Singer find that, in the last five years, the number of companies with purpose statements has almost tripled. They stress that choosing a purpose is not to be undertaken lightly. To help businesses avoid the pitfalls of purpose and capitalize on the benefits, the authors offer practical guidance rooted in research.

Value Lab: A Tool for Entrepreneurial Strategy

Teppo Felin, Alfonso Gambardella, and Todd Zenger argue that managers and entrepreneurs should develop their own theory of value. They present Value Lab, a tool which provides the framework to help businesses create such theories. Their purpose is to help startups and established firms to be more scientific and experimental in creating new value.

Why You Need an Operating Model: To Align Your People and Deliver You Strategy

Putting a new strategy into effect is always difficult. Andrew Campbell and Mikel Gutierrez provide a practical solution to designing the necessary changes: the Operating Model Canvas. They describe how they applied it to the merger between Siemens and Gamesa, demonstrating how this framework, along with its supporting tools, can help leaders to design changes in their organization and operations.

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