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Winter 2021 Issue

The Cost of Capital: If Not the CAPM, Then What?

Ivo WelchUCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management Twenty years ago, it would have been considered heresy to doubt the usefulness of the capital asset pricing...

The New AAA Supply Chain

Hau L. LeeGraduate School of Business, Stanford University Agility, adaptability, and alignment (AAA) have long been key factors in the success of world-class supply chains....

What Evolutionary Biology Can Teach Us About Corporate Reputation

Paul A. ArgentiThe Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College Ryan CalsbeekDepartment of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College Paul Argenti and Ryan Calsbeek of Dartmouth explain that corporations...

What is Organization: The Evolving Answer

Dave Ulrich Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and The RBL Group Consider how much the organizations where you live, work, and play affect...

Winter 2021 Issue

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