Impact on Academic Research

The presence of MBR will encourage academics to conduct their academic research in actual organizational settings. While doctors can practice their innovations on patients on their own, lawyers can practice their innovations in courts on their own, and scientists and engineers can create innovative prototypes in labs, management innovators often need companies’ participation to test and improve their ideas.  The proposed magazine has the potential to serve as an influential supplement to what our academic journals publish, leading to a major evolution similar to the one that began in 1959 when reports from the Carnegie Foundation and the Ford Foundation laid out the goals for modern business education and transformed it from vocational training to a rigorous academic and professional pursuit comparable to education in engineering or medicine

We have recently completed a study on the phenomenal contributions of academic research in management and business to practice. We are trying to update that study, if you have any evidence of academic research in management and business making contributions to practice, please share it with MBR by sending an email to Kalyan Singhal at