Monday, January 25, 2021

A Grassroots Initiative to Bridge Practice, Education, and Research.

MBR presents its First issue For Winter 2021

Preparing for a World Transformed


We are happy to launch a new journal, Management and Business Review (MBR). The goal of MBR is to bridge management practice, education and research, and thereby enhance all three.

MBR is the result of a grassroots initiative with a wide participation by many schools and companies in contrast to the journals like Harvard Business Review (HBR), the Sloan Management Review (SMR), and the California Management Review (CMR) each of which is published by a single school. Our editorial team includes top professors and senior executives from these organizations. Eleven of these schools are also sponsors of MBR.

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Why We Need MBR

The primary reason for launching MBR is to meet the broad range of needs for knowledge about management and business practices of over 20 million potential readers worldwide. The enormous amount of information on the internet and the existing journals, including Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and California Management Review, meet only a fraction of these needs.

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Why We Need a New Management and Business Review Journal

The primary reason for developing a new journal is that we have over 20 million potential readers of such journals...