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Former Unilever CEO Paul Polman on
Individual and Collective Purpose

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Courageous Leadership: Paul Polman’s Insights for the Next Generation of Business Managers

In 2021, John Pontillo, Celia Bravard, and Andrew Hoffman conducted a series of interviews with Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever. They discussed how...

The Adaptive Hybrid: Innovation with Virtual Work

Michael J. Arena,University of Pennsylvania John Golden,Amazon Web Services Glenn R. Carroll,Stanford University Scott Hines,Amazon Web Services Charles O’Reilly,Stanford University Michael Arena, Glenn Carroll, Charles O’Reilly, John Golden, and...

Continuous Improvement Revisited: Organization Design as the Last Step in Gaining the Full Competitive Advantage of Kaizen

Shumpei Iwao, Keio University By strategically choosing to adopt organizational design, firms will gain a greater competitive advantage than ever from kaizen. Shumpei Iwao argues...

Rethinking Employee Experience in the New World of Hybrid Work

Robin Erickson,The Conference Board Amy Lui Abel,The Conference Board In a hybrid working world, companies will have to rethink their employees’ entire experience. Dr. Robin Erickson...

A Brief History of the Internet and the World Wide Web

Subodha Kumar,Fox School of Business,Temple University Georgia Perakis,Sloan School of Management,Massachusetts Institute of Technology How did a scientific movement invent the Internet and how did that...

Performance Reviews are Dead, Long Live Performance Management!

Herman AguinisThe George Washington University School of Business Jing Burgi-TianDublin City University and The George Washington University School of Business Deloitte, Microsoft, and many other companies...


The goal of MBR is to publish papers that improve the practice of management. We seek business scholars’ work that translates academic research into practical insights for managers. We seek managers’ perspectives which will inspire conversation and research. We encourage the educational use of MBR articles by permitting degree programs to use them without paying royalty. We hope that by bridging management practice, research, and education MBR will empower all three, forging closer bonds between us..

MBR is the result of a grassroots initiative with a wide participation by many schools and companies in contrast to the journals like Harvard Business Review (HBR), the Sloan Management Review (SMR), and the California Management Review (CMR) each of which is published by a single school. Our editorial team includes top professors and senior executives from these organizations. Eleven of these schools are also sponsors of MBR.

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