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Winter 2021 Articles

Service Industrialization, Convergence, and Digital Transformation – I

Digital technologies have significantly changed service industries, the largest segment of the US economy. The convergence of the creation, consumption, and delivery processes of services across a range of sectors, followed by rapid industrialization, has had a powerful effect on revenues, job shares, wages, and sector structure. Uday Karmarkar explains why companies must respond to these challenges rapidly or risk being perpetual laggards.

The Case for Climate Optimism: A Response

In response to Yossi Sheffi's article, “The Real Inconvenient Truth,” Mayers and Koomey argue for the use of a variety of urgent measures to address climate change, rather than focusing primarily on long‐term development and dependency on carbon capture and storage. Citing the now competitive cost of renewable power and the success of several countries in enacting programs that address climate change, they urge the need for optimism.

The Cost of Capital: If Not the CAPM, Then What?

Twenty years ago, it would have been considered heresy to doubt the usefulness of the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) in assessing the cost of capital. Ivo Welch argues that, today, the CAPM should not just be doubted—it should be discarded.

The New AAA Supply Chain

Agility, adaptability, and alignment (AAA) have long been key factors in the success of world-class supply chains. In recent years, changes in environments and natural forces pose new challenges. For those who wish to remain competitive, Hau Lee suggests that it is time to revisit these AAA capabilities to understand what they mean today.

What Evolutionary Biology Can Teach Us About Corporate Reputation

Paul Argenti and Ryan Calsbeek of Dartmouth explain that corporations should focus not on their rankings, but on the attributes that influence those rankings. They combine evolutionary biology and corporate reputation research to determine what makes a company the best that it can be, arguing that a more scientific approach to corporate success is needed.

What is Organization: The Evolving Answer

Consider how much the organizations where you live, work, and play affect your life! In this short article, Dave Ulrich reviews the evolution of organizational logic, helping each of us to better appreciate our organizations and help them to deliver value.

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