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Book Review: Quantum Marketing by Raja Rajamannar

Nick Primola,
Association of National Advertisers

Quantum Marketing1 provides a foundation for anyone seeking to understand the current wave of tech-driven innovations that are transforming customer engagement. The author, Raja Rajamannar, is the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard and a globally recognized marketing expert, innovator, transformational business leader, and world-class brand builder. In Quantum Marketing, Rajamannar uses his first-hand experience and personal insights to bring AI to life in a clear and practical way.

Quantum Marketing refers to how the world is changing at such an unprecedented rate that classical marketing theories, strategies, and practices are failing to meet consumers’ and marketers’ needs. Quantum Marketing provides a new framework to help us understand this new world.

Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence in this Moment

Prior to the explosive emergence of generative AI, Rajamannar stated, “Nothing will change marketing more than AI.” Marketers can use it to learn about consumers deeply, so they can hyper-personalize and optimize programs in real time. It is essential for marketers to learn to use AI to keep up with industry and consumer expectations. Quantum Marketing helps the reader to understand how AI will transform customer engagement in several ways:

Quantum Marketing sets the benchmark for real-time marketing

Using AI, companies can collect customer insights in real-time, so they can respond with near-zero lag. Marketers can measure the impact of these responses instantly and optimize their efforts immediately: that is quantum marketing. AI lets marketers monitor all stages of the marketing life cycle, make sense of them, and act to yield the most effective outcomes.

AI will help marketers to drive growth through near-perfect relevance

A common goal for all marketers is creating advertising that is seamless, unintrusive, and not annoying. This goal is part of an ongoing give and take between consumers and marketers. For relevant and appealing marketing, consumers must be willing to accept the presence of sensors everywhere – from watches to shoes, cars, golf clubs, thermostats, and more. These sensors capture data that AI machines analyze to create amazing patterns and insights that marketers can respond to in real time. Being able to create value for consumers at optimal moments of their daily lives gives these marketers a significant advantage.

AI is raising the bar for customer engagement

AI will enable advertisers to create consumer experiences that are relevant and seamless. Marketers work in an environment with ever-increasing expectations as companies leverage new technology and innovations. Rajamannar states that marketers need to start experimenting now with the many options already available, from off-the-shelf solutions to those from companies like Amazon and Google.

A Warning for Marketers – You Are Responsible for Maintaining Societal Trust

Consumers are increasingly uncertain about the veracity of what they see and hear. As artificial intelligence becomes ever more prevalent, it will aggravate this situation, introducing fake photos, videos, and voices, fake just about anything. This danger is already affecting politics, societal norms, and professional integrity. That AI can be used to create these fakes is a reality marketers must face. The proper use of AI – whether machine-to-person or machine-to-machine – must be undertaken thoughtfully. Marketers must be aware of the potentially devastating effects of using AI irresponsibly.

In summary, Quantum Marketing describes the context and environment from which marketers will reach new horizons and the expectations of consumers will be elevated to unprecedented heights. Those who effectively leverage artificial intelligence will enjoy a clear competitive advantage. AI is essential for marketers to engage consumers on their terms while keeping pace with an ever-rising tide of expectations.

Author Bio

Nick Primola

Nick Primola is Group EVP and head of the CMO Practice of the Association of National Advertisers. In partnership with Cannes LIONS, he runs the Global CMO Growth Council. Nick was previously senior vice president of corporate marketing at Citizens Bank and is a veteran of the world-class agencies Ogilvy and Young & Rubicam.


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