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Winter 2021 Issue

Enterprise Adoption and Management of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Artificial intelligence is the most important new technology of the age, but it comes in many varieties, and businesses face a range of challenges in effectively deploying it throughout their organizations. Tom Davenport takes a pragmatic but positive approach to AI's long-term potential, describing effective approaches to creating and implementing a strategy for this transformative technology.

Executive Summaries

Reimagining Capitalism. Rebecca Henderson, Harvard University If we are to solve the great global problems of our time, the private sector must play a major role...

George Bernard Dantzig: The Pioneer of Linear Optimization

George Dantzig introduced the world to the power of optimization, creating trillions of dollars of value and saving countless years of life across the globe. In this laudation, John Birge describes the fascinating life and incredible accomplishments of a scholar whose footprints led the way to almost everything the global economy produces.

Give Yourself a Nudge to Make Smarter Business Decisions

Ralph Keeney offers innovative concepts and practical guidelines for making smarter business decisions. They will help you to determine and define the decision you need to make, identify the complete set of objectives which your decision should achieve, and create a range of high-quality alternatives. Learn these skills to obtain the ultimate business advantage: making smarter decisions.

How Analytics Allowed the FCC to Save $7.3 Billion by Auctioning Underused Television Spectrum

Using an auction informed by analytics, the US Federal Communications Commission reallocated underutilized portions of the television spectrum. The revenue from this auction exceeded its cost by $7.3 billion, which went toward US deficit reduction. Subodha Kumar summarizes the Kiddoo et al. report on this groundbreaking work which won the 2018 INFORMS Franz Edelman Competition.

Leadership as Craft – Crafting New Leaders

Leadership: Science, Art, or Craft? What is the best way to develop leaders? These questions are vital to the way leaders see themselves, enact their roles, and run their organizations. They present a range of choices to a CEO who needs to develop young leaders in order to grow a business. Philip Mirvis, Karen Ayas, and CEO Jason Grenfell-Gardner address this question by describing a novel approach to developing effective leaders.

Leadership development: a psychologically-informed process that spawned a generation of CEOs

Karol Wasylyshyn and Raj Gupta provide an in-depth look at a long-term leadership development process at Rohm and Haas that was dubbed “one of the best CEO universities” in the world. On a deeper level, they provoke reflection on the value of connecting holistically with high potential employees and on how, in doing so, we can maximize both human potential and business growth.

Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic to Address Climate Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us lessons that can guide key decision makers in both the private and public sectors toward slowing climate change by reducing CO ₂ emissions now. Howard Kunreuther and Paul Slovic explain how decision makers can design a risk management strategy that heeds the advice of experts and addresses the cognitive biases which obstruct effective action.

Leonard Kleinrock Annual Award

For the Best Paper Published in the Management and Business Review (MBR) This award is named for Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock. By contributing to the...

Leonard Kleinrock Internet Pioneer

The emergence of the Internet has profoundly affected our existence and the world we live in. Rooted in the efforts of a small group of people who had a vision and performed the intense labor necessary to realize it, the Internet has grown into a technological movement born of the collaborations of its contributors. One of those essential early figures in the Internet's history is Leonard Kleinrock. Morten Bay describes Kleinrock's remarkable life and career as a co-creator of one of the greatest inventions in human history.

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